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Press Release 18.1.2017

Nuuksio National Park invites international visitors to explore an unspoilt wilderness just half an hour from Helsinki

Next summer, visitors to Nuuksio can choose to spend a night in a tree at the Tentsile Ecocamp close to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia or enjoy a boat ride with the “Rower of Nuuksio”, among many other things. At this year’s Matka Nordic Travel Fair, Visit Espoo will be highlighting visitor services in the Nuuksio National Park together with NuuksioResort, an organisation comprising 19 local businesses.

Recently, Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler both ranked Finland as one of their top travel destination for 2017. One of the reasons highlighted was Finland’s unique nature. Nuuksio National Park is an excellent place to enjoy a wilderness experience close to the Finnish capital, Helsinki. In Nuuksio, visitors can tend to reindeer, go snowshoe walking, enjoy canoeing, forage and prepare wild food and discover the splendours of Finland’s flora and fauna at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. There is a range of accommodation available to suit all tastes, from camping to a hotel.

Nuuksio is fast becoming established as a popular Stopover destination. Visit Espoo expects the number of Chinese visitors in particular to increase in future. Last summer, for the first time ever, the largest number of visitors to Espoo by country of origin came from China. In addition to the area’s outstanding nature, Chinese visitors were attracted by Espoo’s reputation for innovation. website due to launch at Matka Nordic Travel Fair

This year, tourism businesses in the Nuuksio area have joined forces to set up NuuksioResort. The aim of the collaboration is to make it easier for international visitors in particular to discover the services of offer in Nuuksio. NuuksioResort will be launching its  website at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair.

NuuksioResort offers accommodation, activities, food and relaxation to visitors. The businesses involved in the collaboration are Arctic Expedition, Arotuli, Elämystorppa Experience Croft, Erä-Atlas, Eventure, Feel the Nature, Green Window, Hawkhill Nature, Honkalintu, Hotel Nuuksio, Kaikuva Oy, Moose Activities, Nuuksion Taika – Magic of Nuuksio, Sea & Mountain Adventures, Solvalla Sports Institute, Swinghill, the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Restaurant Haltia and Vihdin Ratsutalli Stables.

NBE bloggers to visit reindeer and InipiSpa

The Nordic Bloggers’ Experience (NBE), organised in conjunction with the Matka Nordic Travel Fair, has extended an invitation for 60 international bloggers to visit Finland. On 20 January, Visit Espoo will be bringing 10 bloggers to visit Nuuksio Reindeer Park, Finland’s southernmost reindeer park, as part of the NBE’s Stopover Day in the Helsinki Region. The visitors will have the opportunity to feed reindeer, enjoy a campfire experience in a tepee, try Arctic swimming wearing a protective immersion suit and relax at the InipiSpa.

Espoo will also have the pleasure of hosting two additional groups of bloggers, hosted by Visit Finland. Outdoors Finland will take the visitors to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and snowshoe walking in Nuuksio, and the FinRelax programme takes bloggers to experience Espoo’s wintry archipelago.