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The citizens of Espoo appreciate a high quality of life. Part of this is Culture Garden – the lively art scene that offers exhibitions, concerts, international festivals and cultural events. The great variety of sports and major international sports events provide possibilities to relax and rejuvenate.

Espoo is a city of pure nature. We have 58 km coastline, 165 islands - more than Hawaii - and the next green space always within 1 km. The northern parts of the city are mainly forest and recreation area. Nuuksio national park is only 20 km away from global company headquarters such as Nokia, Kone and Rovio. In Nuuksio national park anyone can forage for superfoods. The park is filled with berries and mushrooms.

In Espoo you can experience all the Finland’s four distinctly different seasons - the spring with melting snow and budding leaves, the green leafy summer, the autumn with an explosion of colour in the forests and the beautiful white winter wonderland.

Espoo is a safe environment for living and doing business. International surveys have attested that Finland is one of the most competitive, innovative, stable and least corrupt countries in the world.

A learning city

The city of Espoo invests in education - it's learning results are top of the country. Developing new learning environments, utilizing digital technology in learning and accessible cultural services are examples of activities on the basis of which Espoo can be called a learning city. The City of Espoo recognizes the significance of learning as a foundation of wellbeing and growth of the city and all its residents. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO has rewarded the City of Espoo for its exemplary progress as a learning city

The new Opinmäki learning centre offers new type of learning. It brings together many educational operations. It is a learning centre with the idea of offering a new way to learn and work together in shared facilities. It offers a large selection of Espoo’s education and cultural services. In spring 2016, Opinmäki learning centre won international award for improving life quality of citizens. The activities of the Opinmäki learning centre promote the well-being and community spirit of people of all ages and with different cultural backgrounds. 

Espoo offers educational opportunities for inhabitants of all ages and encourages lifelong learning. Day care services are provided as both municipal and private services. Families who have no need for day care may take part in the activities of open day care centres, residents’ parks and clubs.

Pre-primary education is provided in several day care centres and schools in the city. The comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools, vocational schools and universities of applied sciences in Espoo as well as Aalto University offer high-quality education. The diverse range of courses available at the Adult Education Centre allows residents to develop themselves.

Basic education in Finland is free of charge for pupils. We are also proud of the country’s long history of providing free school meals.



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