" the new company's aim is to boost Espoo's appeal and visibility among international audiences"

Espoo to boost its marketing efforts: city-owned merger Espoo Marketing Oy launched

The City of Espoo has strengthened its marketing efforts by merging Espoon Matkailu Oy and Otaniemen Kehitys Oy, creating the new company Espoo Marketing Oy. Its business is to market the city and develop the area's vitality and competitiveness in collaboration with its partners. The City of Espoo holds 100% of the company's shares.

As defined in the Espoo story, the new company's aim is to boost Espoo's appeal and visibility among international audiences as an interesting innovation environment that focuses on knowledge, science, arts and economics, as well as being an attractive leisure destination. The goal is to entice new companies – with new jobs, research activities and visitors – to the area, and to help all companies to succeed. The company's marketing operations will cover both Finland and overseas markets.

The company is spearheaded by Espoo Innovation Garden, the West Metro's growth and development corridor, together with Visit Espoo, which promotes tourism as well as conference and seminar activities in the city.

"The West Metro's growth and development corridor ensures that the area is attractive to new, knowledge-intensive and information-intensive international businesses. This requires well-planned and long-term marketing efforts. We want to revitalise and boost growth in the metropolitan area and beyond, throughout the whole country," says Espoo's Director for Economic and Business Development Tuula Antola.

"Espoo Innovation Garden is gaining momentum and it is also a great support in marketing the West Metro development corridor. Espoo Innovation Garden is a community concept that aims to enhance the collaboration between the various organisations in the area and to act as a platform for new jobs and a good living environment. Its main concepts are innovation, entrepreneurship and experience."

Tuula Antola is the chair of the board for Espoo Marketing Oy, while Olli Isotalo, Head of Technical and Environmental Services, is the vice chair. The other board members are Sampo Suihko, Head of Education and Cultural Services; Saija Äikäs, Director of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce; Antti Ahlava, Aalto University's Vice President; Antti Vasara, President and CEO of VTT as well as Tom Selänniemi, Director of the Finnish nature centre, Haltia.

The company's executive group consists of Jaana Tuomi, CEO; Ari Huczkowski, COO; Melissa Arni-Hardén, Business Development Director; Laura Marjamo, Travel Director and Katja Mäkelä, Marketing and Communications Manager.