My introduction to Espoo began in Jorvi Hospital when I was born. I lived the first 24 years of my life in Tapiola, before later moving to Otaniemi, Olari and Mankkaa. I also received most of my education in Espoo. Espoo is my home.

Here in these pleasant surroundings, there’s no shortage of things to do. Amenities are close at hand and it’s easy to get around.

I’m bold enough to seize opportunities and to take up challenges, even when there’s no guarantee of success. It’s inspiring if there are good premises to work in and to try new things.

I’m a cycling enthusiast and Espoo offers great opportunities for cycling. The best moments are cycling trips along cycle tracks, in the forest and even on the frozen sea.

A blend of modern city and nature – that’s Espoo.

Kim-Niklas Antin, a bicycle enthusiast and founder of ideas2cycles

Espoo is laid back; in the yard of the Aalto Design Factory, students can put up a tent sauna and nobody will mind. The basis for Aalto Design Factory’s success are people, who do the weirdest things but are nice and normal at the same time. Or maybe not normal, but crazy in just the right way.

Companies in Espoo are vital to us as partners in learning projects, work experience placements, places for dissertation work and providers of jobs. Espoo City’s friendship with Shanghai has strengthened Aalto University’s bridgehead position in China.

Espoo is unique in that the future high tech and innovation capital’s surface area has 15% national parks and old-growth forests.

Kalevi Ekman, Professor at the Aalto University and Director of Design Factory

"Living in Otaniemi as an engineering student in the 1980s rocked. However, my first memory of Espoo is from the 1960s, when we visited my godmother in Soukka. Having grown in central Finland, I remember the strong sensation of seeing and smelling the sea for the first time.

 Otaniemi and Keilalahti, one of the most important technology campuses in the Nordic countries, sparks professional zeal. The University of Technology has given me top notch education and my first job. A technically oriented person finds Espoo a good place to be.

 Today I work at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The personnel there has versatile and in-depth technological knowhow in certain sectors of the Finnish industry that helps Finland flourish now and in the future.

 As a nature lover I value highly the sea and Nuuksio national park. What other metropolis has equally untouched natural areas?"

Eero Punkka, Head of Research Area at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

"At the age of 17, I was a big Formula 1 fan. Kimi Räikkönen impressed me with his unique personality, professionalism and good looks. He got a girl, 7,073 kilometres from Finland, to search online to find out more about him. This is how I got to know his home town of Espoo and his homeland Finland.

Kimi Räikkönen was the Prince Charming who linked me with Finland, but my husband is the Mr. Right that keeps me in Espoo.

I have never seen a city putting so much effort into involving and helping international talents. I had my first cross-discipline engineering courses in Aalto University, which meant a lot to me as a business student. I realised my ideas by establishing my first startup – something I had never thought of till I was inspired by entrepreneurs here.

The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship inspire me in my personal life and in my work. Here in Espoo, people can find everything they need for a high-quality startup: unique ideas, disruptive technologies, funding, talents, workspace and circles of interest.

Evolving and being proactive is the key to me and us. We collaborate with organizations, companies and talents to get to know the market and find opportunities. We are small, but we are strong.

As a Chinese, I was impressed with Espoo’s commitment to fostering and developing the links between China and Finland and the city’s efforts to develop relations between Shanghai and Espoo.

In Finland it is not hard to find city life, and it is not hard to find nature. Their combination is not rare either. But a combination of city, nature and innovation? Yes – Espoo."

Jessica Wei, Advisor at Finpro

"I study at the Aalto University in Otaniemi. It is like a nesting ground, where we are all taught to fly, using our different capabilities with full support to be the best we can. 

The Finnish government and the University have provided a good platform for us to thrive by providing a free, world class, skill oriented educational system. My professor, instructors and friends are humble, willing to guide and support. That is super encouraging and a catalyst for success.

Added to this are the globally acclaimed tech companies and famous brands around us and their opportunities.

Espoo is a good place for families, seniors, kids, and singles to reside, grow and earn a good living. The environment is so fresh, beautiful, green, calm and natural.

For me, Espoo is a unique ecosystem of rich nature and science and technology – a fine blend. People here are respectful and aware of each other’s space.

I am happy to live in Espoo, a breeding ground for humans that shape the future."

Adewumi Oluwaseun, Student at Aalto University

"Espoo nurtures its youth toward innovations and entrepreneurship. Omnia Vocational College’s entrepreneur path studies and training in business and administration have helped me on my way to entrepreneurship.

As a part of my studies, I founded a NY practice company together with my fellow students, and we for example run the café at Esport Oilers’ matches. It gives us good experience and develops our skills.

Preparing and taking part in the Taitaja skills competition gave me new motivation to study and extra inspiration to become an entrepreneur.

I took part in the Seize the Idea innovation competition (Tartu Ideaan) by InnoKampus and won the second and third prizes. The entrepreneur path studies were a big help in for instance making the profitability calculations and drafting marketing plans for the competition.

In Espoo, nature meets urban character in a unique way. After a busy day, it is easy to immerse yourself in nature, which provides strength for studies and business."

Joonatan Lahti, student at Omnia vocational school