We are really proud of our highly-skilled workforce. Even 51 % of our adult residents hold a university degree.

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The biggest innovation hub in the Northern Europe is located in Espoo. We are the home city for e.g. Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and the headquarters of companies like Nokia, Fortum, Kone, Lumene, Neste Oil, Rovio and Valmet.

Among the 100 biggest Finnish corporations, 20 have their headquarters in Espoo, and 50% of Helsinki Stock Exchange turnover comes from the companies based in Espoo.

The Espoo Innovation Garden entrepreneurial ecosystem has become a globally recognized leader ranked among the Top 5 rising stars in MIT’s global research in 2014 that covered over 200 university-based entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Espoo is a city of youth, growth and excellence. We are really proud of our highly-skilled workforce. Even 51 % of our adult residents hold a university degree. This is an exceptional number in Finland but also internationally, a basis for our competitive edge. Talent attracts talent.

The West Metro Growth Corridor will open up numerous opportunities

Espoo is constructing a network city structure based on rail connections, intelligent transport system and services. The West Metro extension under construction is the largest investment ever in infrastructure. The West Metro line investments are over 1.8 billion euros under the ground, the total investments of over 16 billion euros on the surface. As a part of this Aalto University invests 350M€ to transform the built environment of the Otaniemi campus to vibrant and interactive environment where work, education, recreational activities meet. Also LocalTapiola Group invests 560M€ in developing the Tapiola area.

It will be to serve as a growth and development corridor supporting the Aalto University, Otaniemi science community and the international businesses, and to facilitate the creation of knowledge-intensive jobs and to bring vitality and growth to Finland.

Within 13 new metro stations, 11 of them are in Espoo. The first phase will be completed by 2016 fall, the second phase by the end of 2020. The metro will bring about a rail connection from Espoo to the airport.

The West Metro will transport over 170 000 passengers every day. The goal is to attract 70 000 new inhabitants along the new corridor, while the target for employment growth is to increase the number of jobs by 100 %.

All metro stations will be surrounded by an urban centre dominated by blocks of flats and further surrounded by a single-family house area. Each centre will provide housing, work and services for approx. 50 000 inhabitants. Strongly developing station areas will facilitate the testing and implementation of various cleantech and energy efficiency related methods and solutions both during and after construction.


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