The West Metro Growth Corridor

The Helsinki metro is extended to Espoo which creates great opportunities for companies to establish themselves and invest in along the western leg of the metro system. The West Metro Growth Corridor opens up numerous opportunities for knowledge intensive businesses, investments and services.

Espoo is the second largest and the fastest growing city in Finland. Part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Espoo offers endless opportunities for investors and companies, which can benefit from the city’s active investment in the already highly developed infrastructure, including extending the metro network from Helsinki to Espoo. The westward extension of the Helsinki metro system is the largest infrastructure project in Finland.

Espoo is really an interlinked city of five city centres, all of which are really like cities themselves, with around 50,000 inhabitants each. These population hubs offer flexible opportunities for housing, working, leisure time activities and services, while nature is always right on your doorstep.

The West Metro transports over 170,000 passengers every day. The first eight metro stations were opened on 18th of November 2017 and five more will be opened by early 2020s. The goal is to attract 70,000 new inhabitants along this new corridor, while the target for employment growth is to increase the number of jobs by 100%.

The West Metro line investments are over 1,8 billion euros under the ground, the total investment of over 16 billion euros on the surface.  

Espoo Innovation Garden as an enabler for growth

As the home city of Aalto University’s main campus and 25 research institutes, including the headquarters of VTT (the Technical Research Centre of Finland), there is a huge pool of talent to draw on in Espoo, with over 51% of the city’s residents holding a university degree.

Espoo is a fast-growing and developing hub of innovation and adventurous experiences, home to the Espoo Innovation Garden – the biggest innovation hub in northern Europe with thriving international companies, the hottest Startup Sauna on the planet, various cultural activities and sports clubs as well as a renowned community of scientists and researchers. The Espoo Innovation Garden is a community with a strong international character.

From the global company headquarters of companies such as Nokia, Kone, Neste, Valmet, Fortum and Rovio, it is only 30 minutes’ drive to the wild nature of Nuuksio National Park.

Espoo is a city of families – 20% of its inhabitants are under 15 years old. Espoo’s population is growing exceptionally quickly. The number of residents has increased tenfold within fifty years and the growth will continue by 24% within next 20 years.

We warmly welcome you and your company to come and be part of our success story!


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