Heini Salovuori, Emmi Pouta, Hanna Markgren and Lisa Gerkens are making nightlights that encourage kids to feel safe in their own room.


A soft toy standing guard at night

A survey whose answers will be used to prepare the Espoo Story, i.e. the city’s strategy for the next council term, opened on Espoo Day, 27 August 2016. 

The City of Espoo is asking residents to provide their ideas and views on the direction the city should take. What should Espoo emphasise in development for the future? The answers will help the city develop its services and practices.

Respondents to the ‘My Espoo is’ survey have the opportunity to express their views on the Espoo of the future and the development of a city centre close to them. Respondents are also asked to share their own stories and experiences about Espoo and assess various themes of city development.

Mayor Jukka Mäkelä thinks that the Espoo Story has been a success. The previous similar survey, conducted four years ago, yielded 20,000 comments and ideas. The city is now hoping for even more responses.

“We have always succeeded best in those issues in which we have managed to involve residents and partners.”

“The Espoo Story has directed the city’s actions towards common goals. We got a strategy for the city that shows in daily life and is not forgotten in files,” Mayor Mäkelä says.

You can respond to the ‘My Espoo is’ survey online at WWW.ESPOO.FI/SURVEY. You can also access the survey directly from the espoo.fi front page. Cinema tickets will be raffled among the respondents.

The city hopes that its staff and officials will actively participate in the survey. People living outside Espoo are also welcome to respond. A separate survey will be organised at schools and service centres for the elderly, and children in pre-school will have their own, slightly simpler survey interface.

The results of the survey will be utilised when updating the Espoo Story for the next council term. The update of the Espoo Story will be presented to the City Council for approval in autumn 2017. 

For more information, please contact: 
Jorma Valve, Strategy Director, tel. 046 877 2055