Kivenlahti Metro Centre plays a crucial role in bringing new services to the area.

Area around Kivenlahti Metro Centre to be pedestrianised

SRV and VVO have been chosen to design the new Kivenlahti Metro Centre. The area to be developed sits between the Länsiväylä motorway and Kivenlahdentie road, and it will play a crucial role in bringing new services to Kivenlahti. 

The plan devised by SRV and VVO fits in well with the area’s current infrastructure: It links the new Metro Centre to the centre of Kivenlahti via a wheelchair-accessible pedestrian area. Their plan involves rerouting Kivenlahdentie road to run alongside the Länsiväylä motorway. 

The City of Espoo invited developers to bid on a planning reserve for the Kivenlahti Metro Centre in the autumn of 2015. The area is governed by the Kivenlahti Metro Centre’s detailed local plan and an associated amendment, which bidders could inspect and comment on in the autumn of 2015. 





“The planning reserve application procedure provided an excellent start to the further planning of the area in cooperation with the SRV-VVO project group”, says Kimmo Leivo, the City of Espoo’s Project Director. 

The technically advanced proposal connects in an excellent way the old and new elements of the centre of Kivenlahti with an attractive pedestrian area, and utilises the commercial and business premises potential of this new underground terminal station. The planning reserve contract is valid until 31 January 2017.