Espoo is the home nest of the Angry Birds 

Espoo Innovation Garden, the home nest of Angry Birds, is cheering for the success of the movie

The home nest of Rovio, Espoo Innovation Garden, is glad of the success of the Angry Birds movie.

“The success of the movie is a welcomed boost, not only for the business life of the City of Espoo, but for the whole Finland”, says Tuula Antola, Director of Business and Economic Development in Espoo. 

Angry Birds Movie received an enthusiastic welcome. It soared to No. 1 in the US and China, and has reached No. 1 spot in over 40 other countries.   

“The ratings are completely exceptional in Finland. Rovio’s big effort on production and especially marketing has paid off. The success of the Angry Birds opens new possibilities contributing economic growth.” 

Along the success, there's now a high-profile movie studio in Finland. The success may also mean that in the future we'll be seeing a sequel - or two - to the Angry Birds movie.

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