KYKY allows everyone involved to gain new knowledge and ideas, while inspiring others as well. Photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu



Espoo introduces an operating model for co-creation by schools and companies

Accelerated co-creation by schools and companies – KYKY – is an operating model that provides guidelines for co-creation by schools and companies in accordance with the new Finnish National Curriculum. Embarking in co-creation increases the companies’ understanding of the daily life of schools, pupils and teachers. The cooperation generates new solutions for fostering learning and growth that serve the needs of schools and promote learning. Companies involved in the cooperation receive a Co-created with the city of Espoo Schools -logo, which they can use in advertising their products and services.

Authentic collaboration with companies promotes the pupils’ ability to innovate. In the KYKY operating model, companies open their product and service ideas for comments and testing. Schools turn into platforms for learning innovations.

  • Learn more about the KYKY platform and join in the co-creation by schools and companies
  • Description of how the KYKY co-creation process evolved and examples from the participating schools have been recorded in the KYKY blog (in Finnish)
  • Co-creation manual (PDF, 763 Kt)
  • KYKY Living Lab info (PDF, 689 Kt)

Read more about the project 

The KYKY operating model effectuates the strategy of the city of Espoo (Espoo Story), the national 6Aika Six City Strategy and the related Open innovation platforms -spearhead project goals. The development has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund