Espoo Marketing Oy and Japan Innovation Network Sign Co-operation Agreement

"Opportunities for innovation are everywhere nowadays, not limited within a single country or area."

Espoo Marketing Oy and Japan Innovation Network Sign Co-operation Agreement

Espoo Marketing Oy and Japan Innovation Network have signed a co-operation agreement at Japan Innovation Network´s (JIN) offices in Tokyo. The co-operation aims to bring together the innovations and startup-thinking of the Finnish counterpart with the excellence in quality and engineering of large scale Japanese corporations. Both parties expect the co-operation to be fruitful and beneficial.

The agreement encompasses co-branding opportunities, joint events such as seminars and conferences, and company missions in both countries. The signatories also agree to help companies from the other country to establish or expand business and innovation operations in the partner’s market.

"Opportunities for innovation are everywhere nowadays, not limited within a single country or area. Having a global partner such as Espoo Innovation Garden located in a mature country takes on significance for us because Japan is also a developed nation that faces serious social issues in common with Finland. We believe that this partnership agreement is a great trigger for various studies and projects for new knowledge creation and mutual understanding of both regions," said Dr. Noboru Konno, President of Japan Innovation Network.

"We expect increase innovation activity in both directions. The world of innovation and the growth of Born Global companies are globally important topics, and we at Espoo Innovation Garden are very pleased with this new co-operation with the Japanese", said Mr. Ari Huczkowski, COO of Espoo Marketing Oy.

Japan Innovation Network has similar arrangements with organization and companies in the United States and Europe and now – Finland. The idea for a co-operation agreement was initiated during JIN’s top executives' visit to Espoo in June 2015 during the European Commission conference, "Open Innovation 2.0" held at Espoo Innovation Garden.

The agreement was signed by the President of Japan Innovation Network, Professor Dr. Noboru Konno and CEO of Espoo Marketing Oy, Ms. Jaana Tuomi.

About the signing parties:

Japan Innovation Network (JIN) is a non-profit innovation platform that assists companies in creating value through global collaboration, disruptive thinking and outside-of-the-box approach. JIN aims to create 100 innovative companies through global collaboration. JIN plays a role of Catalyst with strong advisory capabilities as a hub function to foster innovation in Japan. For more information:

Espoo Marketing Oy is a non-profit company owned by the City of Espoo promoting and developing Northern Europe's largest innovation hub Espoo Innovation Garden in Espoo, Finland. Espoo Innovation Garden creates one risk-fundable startup every week through its many accelerators and co-working locations. Over 44,000 people from 110 countries work locally in its over 1000 companies and research organizations.

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Jaana Tuomi, CEO
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Ari Huczkowski, COO
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