The developments taking place in the Espoo metro area make it very appealing to business.

Espoo Metro Zone attracts commercial real estate development

The developments taking place in the Espoo metro area make it very appealing to business. A massive business premises project related to cars and car supplies has been launched by clearing an area in Hannuksenpelto in Finnoo, beside Länsiväylä. Within a few years, the retail park is expected to generate around 500 new jobs for the area.

Leading Finnish automotive companies Laakkonen Yhtiöt and Broman Group, as well as the City of Espoo, are jointly implementing the automotive project in an area originally owned mainly by the City of Helsinki.

“The wide range of services being located in the metro area near new housing developments matches the goals of the City of Espoo”, says Kimmo Leivo, project director of south-west Espoo. According to Leivo, it is great that major Finnish companies are confident in the appeal of the metro area and that their businesses will provide jobs in the area.

“The massive automotive project in Hannuksenpelto, Espoo, is the result of exemplary, long-term cooperation between the cities of Espoo and Helsinki, and the project leaders, Laakkonen Yhtiöt, Broman Group and Ativa. The excellent location by Länsiväylä close to two metro stations, is ideal in many ways”, says Risto Ore, property manager at Laakkonen Yhtiöt.

Laakkonen-yhtiöt have announced plans to build a garage in the area, comprising a BMW and MINI dealer as well as an auto repair and body shop. Broman Group Oy is due to launch a Motonet store, an AD auto parts and accessories shop and a Motonet garage. Ativa Oy will hold a total of four commercial plots in the area, which are due to house a garage, a parts and accessories shop and other large-scale retail operations.

A-Katsastus Oy has provided vehicle inspections, vehicle registrations and driving lessons and testing at Hannuksenpelto since 1984. In future, A-Kastastus will offer vehicle inspections, driving lessons and testing and licensing services.  

The project is the first step in turning Hannuksenpelto into a new business district. The buildings to be built by Länsiväylä will constitute an effective noise barrier for the entire area. The City of Espoo will construct a new road to the area, which will include a new street passing under the highway.

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