Espoo is among the world's smartest cities

Espoo ranked among the most intelligent communities in the world

Espoo is selected in the final of the international Intelligent Communities Awards 2018. Espoo made the top 7 as the only city from Europe, with the other finalist cities coming from Canada, Australia and Taiwan. Before this year's competition, Oulu is the only other Finnish city that has reached the Top7, in 2012 and 2013.

The theme of the 2018 Intelligent Communities Awards is Humanizing Data. Espoo’s strength in the competition is the city's citizen-driven approach to sustainable smart city development. In Espoo the active involvement of residents is at the heart of all activities. The School as a Service model, Iso Omena Service Centre and the Sustainable Espoo programme were among examples the city presented to the awards jury.

Competition evaluators will visit Espoo during the spring to learn more about Espoo’s ongoing activities and the Espoo Innovation Garden ecosystem, which is built on innovative, common ways of working and collaboration and co-creation between local businesses, universities and other RDI institutions.

The Intelligent Communities Awards is organized by Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). The winner will be announced at the ICF Global Summit on 4-6 June in London.

Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2018:

Chiayi City, Taiwan
Espoo, Finland
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Tainan City, Taiwan
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Source:, ICF
Image: Olli Urpela