Espoo's longest bridge will be lit with brightly-coloured displays during national holidays.

Espoo’s longest bridge now lit with colour-changing LEDs

Espoo’s longest bridge, Finnevik Bridge, which connects Finnoo and Matinkylä near the Suomenoja Bird Area, has been fitted with special, low-energy LED lighting to brighten up the lives of local residents. The lights change colour according to the seasons. Each month has its own colour.

The LEDs have been programmed to come on and go off at the same times as street lights.

“Finnoo is a newly built residential area full of modern technology. The lighting on the bridge is a great example of a simple way to cheer up residents”, says Kimmo Leivo, Project Director of the Finnoo Development Project.

“The LEDs need to fit in with their surroundings, which is why the standard display is quite subtle. During the darkest times of the year, however, the lights make a big difference”, explains Leena Kaanaa from WSP Finland Oy, who was responsible for programming the lights.

Special displays on national holidays

National holidays will be celebrated with brightly-coloured light displays. The most common colours are purple and turquoise, but shades of orange, blue and red will also be used depending on the occasion. The display on New Year’s Eve is the most spectacular. On national holidays, the lights will come on at sunset and go off at sunrise, except on Christmas Eve, when they will stay on all day.



The best place to see the lights is from the valley next to the bridge, where public footpaths will be built in the future. At the moment, the footpaths leading down into the valley at each end of the bridge provide the best views. The beautiful architecture of the bridge is also best admired from the valley. 

“This is the most striking permanent light display in Espoo’s history. The changing lights brighten up the lives of local residents, both literally and figuratively”, says Landscape Architect Sari Knuuti from Technical and Environmental Services.

To protect the area’s bird life, the lights will stay off for the entire nesting season from 1 April each year. The lights will be switched on annually on the Espoo Day at the end of August.