Flexound HUMU is coming soon!

Flexound HUMU Smart Cushion is the world's first device that allows you to hear audio and feel the soundwaves simultaneously.
HUMU will be soon launched at Indiegogo to allow availability to as many as possible from the first beginning. 

HUMU popular at SLUSH

Flexound HUMU Smart Cushion was presented to a demanding audience at SLUCH in Helsinki. Over 800 people tested HUMU and the most popular questions were: where and when can I buy this? Among them for instance the Finnish rock star Michael Monroe.

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Starting a new era 

Radio was born in the 1890's, movies with sound in the 1920's. It's time to add the sense of touch to audiovisual entertainment and start a new era. Flexound has invented and patented feelsound technology that easily adds a whole new dimension to all music, films, gaming and VR. Flexound Xperience - so you can feel the music!

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