The cooperation between the City of Espoo and Fortum covers all key forms of energy use in Espoo. Photo: Fortum


Fortum and the city of Espoo carry out carbon neutral energy solutions

Fortum and the City of Espoo have agreed upon cooperation regarding the development of energy solutions and their implementation in Espoo. The aim of the efforts is to find solutions for significantly reducing the carbon dioxide emissions generated by energy consumption in Espoo by 2030. By the end of this year, the parties will prepare an action plan, which will state the more specific goals and progress of the collaboration. The upcoming measures will cover areas such as district heating and cooling, electricity production, electric traffic, energy reserves and new energy services for the customers.  

“Our goal is to increase Espoo’s appeal and competitiveness in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Through the cooperation with Fortum, we strive to promote the creation of business based on clean energy along with new products and services. Together we will develop solutions to reduce emissions that are harmful to people and the environment. We want to be a partner and first user in the process of developing new solutions and also to provide a first-phase market platform,” states Mayor of Espoo Jukka Mäkelä

“Fortum's goal is to develop sustainable energy solutions that promote circular economy for cities. Espoo is our trusted long-term partner, and we have already worked together to develop many energy-efficient solutions in the fields of urban energy and traffic. Examples of these are the wastewater heat recovery arrangements in Suomenoja as well as in other locations that utilise waste heat, such as the Matinkylä metro station and the upcoming Espoo Hospital. In future, the solutions developed with Espoo can also be put to good use in other European cities and even on a global scale,” says Markus Rauramo, Executive Vice President of the City Solutions division at Fortum. 

Thanks to the cooperation between Fortum and Espoo so far, the proportion of renewable energy and waste heat recovery in the production of district heat in Espoo has increased from close to zero to almost 30% within a few years. Similar development is anticipated in coming years. For example, if the efforts are successful, geothermal heat has the potential to cover nearly half the need for district heating in Espoo. Fortum’s goal is to make district heating carbon neutral in Espoo by the year 2030. 

The collaboration between Fortum and Espoo is also incorporated into the Smart & Clean project in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the purpose of which is forge the region into an internationally significant reference area for ecological and smart solutions.


The cooperation between the City of Espoo and Fortum covers all key forms of energy use in Espoo. An additional goal of the parties is to challenge other operators to become involved in the development of energy solutions and business models. At least the following areas will be explored over the course of the joint efforts: 

  • Concrete progress to develop and implement renewable and emission-free solutions in Espoo
  • Carbon-neutral district heating and cooling
  • Carbon-free or low-carbon energy products and services for customers and residents
  • New customer services for saving energy and optimising its use – e.g. flexibility according to demand and new solutions to balance peak consumption
  • Utilising regional sources of waste heat through the development of data centre cooperation, for example
  • Utilisation of energy reserves to improve energy efficiency and the security of energy supply as well as reduce emissions
  • Alternatives and solutions for electric private and bus transport as well as other mobility solutions
  • Utilisation of developed energy solutions and services and their export to other cities in Europe and even the world


Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe

According to an international comparative study conducted in the spring of 2016, Espoo is the most sustainable city in Europe. The study showed that, measured by economic, social and ecological sustainable development metrics, the rapidly-growing Espoo has succeeded in keeping its urban development sustainable.
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Fortum's vision is to be a pioneer of clean energy. We provide our customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as other energy solutions that improve the lives of current and future generations. As much as 64% of our electricity production is emission-free. Our key market areas are the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and India. In 2015, we employed about 8,000 energy experts and our turnover stood at €3.5 billion. Fortum Oyj's shares are listed in the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.