The Espoo Learning City Fair on Friday 23rd of September showcases how learning is done in Espoo. 


Innovations, knowhow and joy of learning at Espoo Learning City Fair!

A wide range of representatives from cities, municipalities and municipal organizations as well as educational experts come together in Espoo 22–23 September 2016. The intention of the event is to work on ideas on how lifelong learning can create competitiveness, wellbeing and participation. The Espoo Learning City Fair on Friday 23rd of September showcases how learning is done in Espoo.

The Espoo Learning City Fair on Friday 23rd of September at 10.00–14.00 showcases the knowhow, innovations and joy of learning of educational organisations in Espoo. The Fair is open for everyone and organised at Urban Mill, Betonimiehenkuja 3 E (Otaniemi).

Pupils from Espoo demonstrate robotics and programming in learning and visitors have the possibility to explore e-learning platforms. Visitors also hear about how a new co-creation model for schools and companies can generate innovative learning solutions. The seniori e-service for seniors and the ManiMiitti participatory budgeting model for youth are presented at the exhibition stands. The KULPS! Culture and Sports Path, that takes school children to sports and culture venues in their home city, and lifelong learning at the Swedish Education and Cultural Services are showcased as well. Visitors also have the chance to see a self-driving robot bus and participate in a guided tour at the product development and research environment of Design Factory at Aalto University. Also numerous other services and innovations are presented at the stands.

The Fair is opened with a Finnish-speaking panel at 10–11. Influencers from different parts of the society as well as students are challenged on the theme “Learning is valuable in an urbanizing world”. 

The panelists are:

Maria Guzenina, Chairman of Espoo City Council, Member of Parliament
Jyrki Kasvi, Member of Espoo City Council, Member of Parliament
Kaisu Karvala, Communications Director, Rovio
Tuula Antola, Business Development Director, City of Espoo
Jemi Heinilä, Chairman of SAMOK ry (Organisation for University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland), Student of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Juho Ollanketo, Student of Pohjois-Tapiola Upper Secondary School
Moderator: Milla Hakkarainen, Communications Planner, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

At the international Learning Cities Conference on Thursday 22nd of September participating cities work on ideas how lifelong learning can enhance the competitiveness of cities.

Already half of the world’s population lives in cities, by 2030 over 60 %. The future of the world is in the hands of cities. The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities ponders how lifelong learning can show the way for global change? The UNESCO appointed Learning Cities Cork (UK), Swansea (Wales) and Espoo alongside Sønderburg (Denmark) share their success stories and inspire the participating cities to find their strengths.

The Conference is arranged by the City of Espoo in collaboration with the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and the Finnish National Commission for UNESCO.