The Moodmetric ring measures electrodermal activity that reflects user’s stress levels and calmness.

Kalevala Jewelry to announce co-operation with Moodmetric

The most recognized jewelry manufacturer in Finland, Kalevala Jewelry (Kalevala Koru), has announced co-operation with Moodmetric, a company providing stress management services. The goal of the co-operation is to create a functional ring that helps to manage personal wellbeing and is beautiful and pleasing to wear. The project is run by Kalevala Innovation Lab, a new experimental hatchery nested inside Kalevala Jewelry. Kalevala Innovation Lab develops and tests new functional jewelry and services that assist people in their everyday lives.

Developed by Moodmetric, the ring measures electrodermal activity that reflects user’s stress levels and calmness. The ring is particularly suited for measuring continuous long term stress. The co-operation with Kalevala Jewelry focuses on finding exciting and beautiful designs for the ring, making it appealing and encouraging for users to manage their wellbeing in different situations. With the co-operation both companies are aiming for strong international growth. The goal is to get the first products on the market during the year 2017.

The first prototypes of the new rings were on display in Investing in Health event at Slush.

Moodmetric (Vigofere Oy), founded in 2013, is a Finnish startup company selling and renting Moodmetric smart rings that measures electrodermal activity. The product is highly trusted and respected by the research community on its field. Moodmetric rings, available since 2015, are being used by individuals and research institutes. Moodmetric also provides a rental ring service for companies.

Kalevala Jewelry (Kalevala Koru Oy) is the most respected jewelry brand in Finland, with its roots strongly in design, high-quality materials and Finnish craftsmanship. Our design philosophy is based on high-level, recognizable and distinct design that interprets the contemporary life and gets its inspiration from stories, people, nature and phenomena. All jewelry is manufactured in Kalevala Jewelry’s premises in Helsinki. The company employs some 120 people.