The atmosphere was energetic when the investors and startups met in the Knights of Slush brunch in Startup Sauna. 

Knights of Slush events brought investors and startups together

Slush 2016 and the hunting of the unicorns were kicked off in the Knights of Slush dinner at the House of Nobility in Helsinki on 29 November. Investors of the biggest international and Finnish funds met CEO’s of the largest companies and the hottest Finnish startups in a magical atmosphere. After a successful night with tasty Finnish delicacies and world class music, the meet-up continued in the next morning on the Knights of Slush brunch. The brunch was served in the world’s hottest Startup Sauna – what would a Slush side event be without visiting the birthplace of the whole Slush?

Building the future together

Between delicious brunch delicacies served by Espoo Catering the hand-picked startups were pitching to the investors. After the pitches the investors had the opportunity to deepen the discussion with the startups they were most interested in. The startups really had to really prove their skills, but the hard pressure paid off.

“What I expected for this brunch was a couple of interesting discussions, especially with investors. I managed to fulfil my goal by having a talk with three investors”, explained Petri Vilpponen, CMO at Giosg, a startup developing tools for better service and conversion with a software as a service model.

Over 50 international investors and over 60 startups attended to Knights of Slush dinner and brunch, which both were official side events of Slush. Investors came from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, Germany and Italy. Among them were e.g. such significant names as Masato Hisamune (SVP, Mitsui & Co Europe PLC), Hannes Smárason (COO, WuXi NextCODE), Satveer Singh (CEO, Thakral Singapore Angel Network), Tom Eriksson (Partner, Aeris Capital AG), and Simon Piggott (Principal, Infinite Capital).

Espoo Innovation Garden orchestrator Espoo Marketing Oy together with LifeLearn Platform was behind the traditional pre-Slush investor events. The purpose of the events is to accelerate the meetings happening during Slush and to increase growth in Finland.

Espoo Marketing Oy
Espoo Marketing Oy boosts Espoo's appeal and visibility among international audiences as an interesting innovation environment as well as being an attractive leisure destination. Espoo Marketing Oy is owned by the City of Espoo. Espoo Marketing builds Espoo Innovation Garden ecosystem together with companies and other actors helping them to succeed. Espoo Innovation Garden is the biggest innovation hub in the Northern Europe. 50 % of the Helsinki Stock Exchange turnover comes from Espoo.

LifeLearn Platform
LifeLearn is a sharing economy of skills, founded on top of Finnish education, research and technology pedigree.