Neste ranked the world's 3rd most sustainable company

Neste is ranked the 3rd most sustainable company in the world – four companies form Espoo make Corporate Knights 2019 Global 100

Four companies from Espoo are listed in the top 100 of the world’s most sustainable companies ranking by Corporate Knights. Neste is ranked 3rd and is the best energy company on the list. In total, seven Finnish companies made the annual ranking.

Four companies headquartered in Espoo made the annual Corporate Knights 2019 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list. Neste is ranked the 3rd most sustainable company in the world – followed by Outotec at 12th, Kone at 43rd and Nokia 64th. Other Finnish companies on the prestigious list are UPM (23rd), Metso (49th) and Kesko (88th).

While it is a rare achievement to be among the top 100, Neste making the top 3 for the second year in a row – and making the 13th consecutive appearance in the ranking – is simply astonishing.

On the road. Up in the air. And inside the boardroom – sustainability is key to Neste’s business

Neste is a perfect example of a company driven by sustainability. In the last ten years, Neste has become the world’s leading circular economy company in biofuels. During this time, Neste renewable diesel has reduced GHG emissions from traffic by more than 33 million tons. This translates to the emission of about 7.2 million cars*.

Also, Neste’s takes the fight for sustainability further than just the paved road – it’s the key to the company’s whole business. Neste’s sustainability efforts span from decarbonizing transportation, aviation, and the chemical sector all the way to guaranteeing working place safety and even goes inside the boardroom. In fact, gender diversity of the board is noted as one the reasons Neste did so well in the ranking.

World’s most sustainable companies thrive in a sustainability pioneer city

Four out of the seven Finnish companies ranked in the Corporate Knights top 100 are headquartered in Espoo. Neste and Kone are located in Keilaniemi, Outotec in Matinkylä and Nokia in Kera. All four companies are, therefore, situated along Espoo’s rail lines – the West Metro line in the south and City Rail Link in the north. Coincidence? Hardly.

Espoo’s whole city structure leans towards networked rail traffic. The rail lines form two attractive growth corridors that connect the city’s five centres together and Espoo to the Helsinki Metropolitan area and the whole of Finland. From Espoo, you can get to the International Airport in just 20 minutes.

The growth corridors also mark the physical area of Espoo Innovation Garden, the biggest innovation hub in Northern Europe. The heart of the ecosystem is in Keilaniemi-Otaniemi-Tapiola area that is home for, for example, Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, headquarters of companies like Kone, Fortum, Neste and Rovio, and Startup Sauna, which has served as an incubator for the whole Finnish startup ecosystem. 18,000 students, 40 R&D organisations and altogether people of 100 different nationalities are also working in the ecosystem. Espoo Innovation Garden, therefore, offers a huge amount of talent and plenty of collaboration possibilities for any company to tap into.

Espoo is a good place to live in. Espoo was given the title of the most sustainable city in Europe in 2016** and 2017 in the international survey by the Dutch Tilburg University and Telos Institute (in 2018 Espoo ranked 3rd). The survey measured sustainability through economic, sociocultural and ecological scores – therefore, putting great emphasis on the quality of living.

In 2018 Espoo was also selected in the UN Agenda 2030 programme for sustainable development that aims to ensure sustainable development goals (on a global scale. The cities in the programme are pioneers of sustainable development and engaging their industry, educational institutions and other actor groups, including citizens.

Like the people that live in a city, the companies that do business there also make the city what it is. And this works the other way around as well. Having four of the world’s most sustainable companies in Espoo is certainly a testament to how things are done in Espoo and the benefits the city offers.


*According to EPA’s emissions estimate for a typical car

** The first survey was prepared for the Dutch presidency of the European Union and covered 144 cities in the EU.



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