School as a Service pilot experiment declared winner of mayor's innovation competition

The winner of the mayor's innovation competition, the School as a Service pilot experiment, introduced a new operational model in which the Haukilahti Upper Secondary School operates at the Aalto University campus. Shared spaces provide a simple way to encourage cooperation, interaction and collaborative learning between students from different educational levels. The operational model was jointly developed by various school community actors together with other shareholders.

The model provides young individuals with a new kind of learning environment aimed at helping them prepare for life in tomorrow's world. Participating upper secondary school students are given the opportunity to complete university studies, while university students are able to gain valuable experience by acting as their teachers and tutors. In addition, the pilot experiment alone is estimated to have brought the city's premises-related costs down significantly.

The competition's second prize went to the reorganising of the city's child welfare services' on call and initial assessment functions, which was implemented at the Espoo Centre's child welfare services unit. Thanks to the implementation of this new operational model, once a child welfare report is received, any corresponding customers are now interviewed without delay. Work time is also spent more effectively and, overall, the child welfare process is clearly functioning better than before.


Two teams now work alternate weeks, and steps have been taken to ensure that all reports are processed within a week of their filing and parents/guardians and their children are always interviewed within a week following the filing of the corresponding initial report. If a decision is made to begin a full service needs assessment, this assessment is now always conducted by the same employee who has worked with the family previously. This model can easily be implemented at other social work units of various sizes.

In addition to the above, the following innovations were deemed worthy of an honourable mention in the innovations category:

  • Implementation of work-based learning environment reveals hidden jobs, provides work and creates cost savings
  • Espoo family care services' Keinu model
  • Leasing through municipality provides additional apartments for young.

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