Plans are under way to build a new nursery and primary school in Veräjäpelto.

Veräjäpelto School Complex in Leppävaara to be designed in cooperation with future tenants

Plans are under way to build a new nursery and primary school for Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking children in Veräjäpelto. The detailed local plan for the area has been amended to enable the construction of a state-of-the-art school complex. The aim of the proposed amendment to the Veräjäpelto detailed local plan is to demolish some of the old school buildings and build a new school and nursery. The potential need to expand Leppävaara Sixth Form in the future will also be factored into the new plan. Veräjäpelto is located next to Leppävaara Sports Park in the corner of Veräjäpellonkatu road and Lintuvaarantie street.

The area currently houses Leppävaara Sixth Form and Leppävaara and Veräjäpelto schools. There are a total of 18 buildings in the area, including six school buildings, a sports centre, five administrative buildings, an indoor football facility, and one residential property with an adjacent sauna. 







Cafés, restaurants and office space in a historical setting 

The old school building has been given special protection in the detailed local plan. As well as being an important landmark for the area, the building has both cultural and historical significance, and its characteristics will be preserved in the renovation project. The plan enables adding an extension to the historical building. 

The oldest building in the area, a listed residential property, dates from the 1913, and its characteristics also need to be preserved in the renovation project. 

The project is due to start at the beginning of 2017, and the new school could be finished by the summer of 2020. The amendment is awaiting approval from the City Council.