"Finland is really the center of gravity for digital health and startup scene."

Vertical accelerator attracts international startups to its spring program

Nine digital health startup companies from around the world started in Vertical spring 2016 accelerator program. Over 160 international healthtech startups applied for the digital health startup accelerator program that kicked off 1 March in Espoo, Finland.

Vertical, the first Nordic digital health and wellness accelerator program focuses on international growth, scalability, and go-to market. Together with its company partners Vertical helps healthtech startups to grow and reach international markets fast.

“We’re thrilled to start our spring program with these amazing nine startups”, Vertical Head of Operations Kenneth Salonius says.

The selected startups offer solutions ranging from smart textiles to meal nutrition analysis. 

“We see huge international potential in these teams, and are excited to start working with companies from around the world”, Salonius says.

Digitalization of healthcare and medicine creates completely new possibilities that startup companies are eager to grasp.

“Vertical accelerates the growth of these startups to help them bring the solutions and products available for all of us faster”, Paolo Borella, Vertical Head of Program says. 

Finland is internationally now an appealing location for the health and wellness scene. Vertical accelerator program got over 160 applications from 23 different countries. 

“Finland is really the center of gravity for digital health and startup scene”, Salonius says.

“The famous Finnish technology know-how, the startup spirit showcased by the Slush conference, and the Nordic connections make Finland the place to be for ambitious startups.”

Vertical is the first Nordic digital health and wellness startup accelerator. It runs a four-month accelerator program twice a year in Espoo, Finland. Vertical’s partners include industry leaders Samsung and Sonera. Vertical offers the teams an environment to develop and grow their business. Together with partners, the accelerator offers the teams a state-of-art co-working space, a training program which focuses on going from minimum viable product to minimum meaningful product, organizing of financing, legal assistance, and connections within marketing and international product distribution.

At the end of the program Vertical will invest up to 150 000 euros to the most promising teams.

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Kenneth Salonius
Head of Operations, Vertical accelerator
+358 50 517 2348, kenneth@vertical.vc

Startups taking part in Vertical spring 2016 program:

Chino.io, Italy
Chino.io offers digital health app developers a secure and EU privacy law compliant backend.

Kcalmar, Poland
Kcalmar develops a marketplace connecting dieticians with patients

Klinik, Finland
Klinik leads people to matching health pros and products - it’s a unique online marketplace for healthcare providers and products.

Near Real, Finland
Near Real provides a secure, high-quality, and low-cost solution for eHealth service providers who want to provide their services on demand via Internet.

Newolo, Finland
Newolo develops online tools and an app to help anyone with life’s challenges.

OPTUS, Hong Kong
OPTUS develops and markets a customizable telehealth and analytics platform.

QRID, Finland
QRID develops a reactive system to prevent aging related issues and accidents.

Smart Textiles, Latvia
Smart Textiles develops smart clothing to help users live fitter and healthier lives.

YuScale, Germany
YuScale develops and design applications and solutions for people with diabetes, obesity, or other metabolic disorders.

More information on www.vertical.vc/portfolio