Nokia Quja Startup Space - Ideal space for innovation

Nokia has been celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2015 and reflecting not only on where it has been, but where it is going. Nokia has come a long way over the years, with a history of driving successful change and innovation and adapting to market and technological shifts. Nokia has transformed from its origins as a paper mill company to a technology one that today is built around three businesses which are leaders in their fields: Nokia Networks, which provides broadband infrastructure, software and services; HERE, a leading producer of mapping, navigation and location intelligence; and Nokia Technologies, which, among other things, produces advanced technologies and oversees Nokia’s extensive patents and licensing operation.

Today, Nokia is not only reinventing its portfolio of products and services but also reorganizing its Campus in Karaportti, Espoo. Nokia Campus offers services that are open to both Nokia employees and to the public, including the company’s Dreams Café, a Fazer-owned meet & greet center located at the heart of Nokia Campus. Furthermore, Espoo Me & My City, an external initiative in which sixth-graders are introduced to working life, entrepreneurship and society, recently began operations on Nokia Campus.  

Nokia has always had an ability to adapt to new innovations and change, and to serve as a hub for open collaboration. As part of this tradition, Nokia is inviting early-stage entrepreneurs to base their operations at Quja, an open layout space located on the Nokia Campus. Quja Startup Space welcomes innovative thinkers developing future technologies.

For startups, locating your business in an innovation hub such as Nokia Campus provides an opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain knowledge and knowhow of tech trends and developments ongoing within Nokia.

Nokia is leading industry efforts to develop the advanced mobile broadband technology known as 5G, which will provide consumers with enhanced connectivity and greater services. This will, as we like to say at Nokia, enable a programmable world.

But Nokia cannot do this alone, and that is why we encourage partnering with startup companies to help develop and shape  future technological developments associated with the 5G world coming our way.

The Quja Startup Space represents a fresh step in Nokia’s tradition of working with independent startups. Such partnership at Ouja will make the Nokia Campus a creative melting pot of new ideas and cultures.

Quja Startup Space co-operates with Espoo Innovation Garden initiative, and offers startup companies a flexible and dynamic work environment.

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