"Genano's air purifiers are a great way to provide temporary relief but they are of course not a permanent solution." 

Clean air technology for a healthier tomorrow

Success was in the cards in the late 1990s when an innovative new Finnish air purification method was launched by a company that was to come to be known as Genano Oy. Their unique, patented method is capable of eliminating even the tiniest nanoparticles from indoor air. The technology developed by Genano is being used in hospitals, laboratories and industrial settings as well as other properties that suffer from poor-quality indoor air.

An alternative to temporary accommodation

In Finland, poor-quality indoor air is a common problem. Genano, however, have managed to find the silver lining: properties experiencing air-quality problems became a new and important market for the company. These days, a significant proportion of the company’s turnover derives from the indoor air market, particularly in Finland.

“The Genano air purifiers are an excellent alternative to having to find alternative accommodation while the root cause of the problem is being investigated and addressed. People often spend years thinking about how to improve indoor air quality before undertaking refurbishment and rebuilding works. Our air purifiers are a great way to provide temporary relief but they are of course not a permanent solution,” Genano's Marketing Coordinator Jenni Koskela says.

Genano supplies more than half of Finland’s cities and local authorities and their devices have also been installed in Espoo’s schools. Last year, the City of Espoo awarded Genano a contract for the supply of air purifiers.

“Our customer satisfaction survey has shown that 98.3% of our customers would recommend our products to others. We are the market leader in Finland.”

Customers around the world

Internationally, Genano’s air purifiers are used in laboratories and other specialist settings. In Poland, for example, several specialist haematological and oncological hospitals rely on Genano devices to ensure the safety of their patients. In Saudi Arabia, Genano’s air purifiers were successfully used to set up isolation facilities to contain the spread of the MERS virus, prompting the country’s Ministry of Health to issue a formal recommendation for the use of Genano’s products in hospitals.

“All our products are designed and manufactured in Finland and we are supported by a network of distributors across twenty countries. We also have a dedicated sales structure set up in Sweden, as indoor air quality issues are highly prevalent there too.”

Genano’s own team of experts cover all of Finland and the company’s head office is located in Espoo.

“We are delighted to have opportunities for collaboration with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and other business in our sector. This is a great location. Espoo is where we want to be.”