Kaiku Health allows the medical team to keep a closer eye on how their patients are doing during their course of treatment.


Mobile solutions to support cancer treatments

How can we offer better support for cancer patients during and after their treatment? That question, posed at an Aalto University product development seminar, ultimately led to the creation of NetMedi Oy in 2012.

What NetMedi set out to do was to generate genuine value for its clients by enhancing communications between patients and the medical team responsible for their care. Their Kaiku Health service is designed for oncology patients. It is a mobile platform that offers information and guidance to patients and allows them to keep in contact with their healthcare team during their treatment. The patient can use it to share information that can be used to modify their treatment plan.

“Kaiku Health allows the medical team to keep a closer eye on how their patients are doing during their course of treatment. If the professionals are able to identify problems early, they will be in a position to act quickly, before things deteriorate,” explains Lauri Sippola, one of NetMedi’s founders and current Managing Director.

Networking, networking, networking

“Otaniemi is brilliant and it has a great buzz about it. I really rate the HealthSPA. They’ve managed to create an excellent ecosystem for health technologies,” Sippola says, casting his mind back to the company’s early years when NetMedi was still based at Otaniemi’s startup cluster. Since then, NetMedi has moved to Helsinki but continues to share an office with other businesses.

“When we were based at HealthSPA, we were able to pitch our business to all the visitors coming in through their doors. We were able to gain really useful contacts through these networks. We are still reaping similar synergy benefits at our current office despite the fact that the other businesses represent completely different specialisms. What we value most is being able to share our ideas with other people and receive peer support from businesses at different growth phases.”

Sights set on international market

Kaiku has proved appealing to both public and private sector service providers and is currently available in seven different language versions. A total of 17 clinics across Finland, Sweden and Switzerland now use it in their day-to-day work.

“Our aim is to market Kaiku more widely around the world. In addition to the oncology sector, it is also well-suited for use during fertility treatment and there is also potential for adapting it to the general practice setting, too.”

The health technology sector is currently one of Finland’s strongest export performers and it continues to show steady growth. Lauri Sippola has a clear idea why.

“Finland has a strong engineering skills base and a highly sophisticated medical research sector. Nokia is also now entering the health technology field. We should increasingly be thinking about what added value programming can bring to the healthcare sector. The fact that such a strong ecosystem has been created in a small area of specialism is a really unique achievement.”

People should be proud of their own talent and not hold back from promoting it.

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