Monochrome brings the most suitable brands and over 500 Finland's most popular Instagram-influencers together.

An influencer marketing agency that’s second to none

Influencer marketing is the new game in town right now and has quickly established itself as a bona fide marketing strategy alongside more traditional methods. Finding the right influencers is not as easy as you might think, however. Luckily, help is at hand: Monochrome was set up to meet growing demand and to help businesses to make the most of this new marketing opportunity. 

“My partner Matilde Pelkonen and I were involved in setting up the Foodoora food delivery service in Finland. When it came to the launch, we made use of a wide range of marketing channels and then carefully audited their effectiveness and the value for money they offered. What we discovered was that the most impactful intervention by far was an Instagram post by Sara Sieppi, a former Finnish beauty queen. She generated five times more business for us than an extensive radio ad campaign. It was only a fraction of the cost too and generated a lot of positive Instagram buzz. Finding the right influencers and agreeing contracts with them calls for a very specific type of expertise, however. We tried to find someone to do that for us, but we couldn’t find anyone in Finland so we decided to go ahead and set up Monochrome ourselves,” explains Emma Naumanen, one half of the Monochrome team. 

The team has spent a number of weeks taking part in the Kiuas Incubator and the Kiuas Accelerator programmes at the Startup Sauna in Otaniemi.

 “Matilde and I had been running Monochrome pretty much on our own for about year before asking anyone for help. We realised that our business had reached the point where outside help would be really useful to help us grow. The Kiuas Incubator and Kiuas Accelerator schemes have given us exactly what we were looking for. Without them, I doubt we would have decided to develop a fully automated platform and seek funding for it from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Over the summer, we also had the opportunity to meet with a huge number of highly successful and incredibly inspiring mentors and other partners. Our meetings with them have been so positive.”  

Conquering the influencer market 

Prospective influencers are eligible to join Monochrome’s network if they attract more than 2,000 Instagram followers. The agency also looks at follower loyalty and their geographic distribution when assessing potential influencers. Monochrome wants to establish itself as Finland’s number one influencer marketing agency with a high profile, highly regarded brand that offers a comprehensive range of solutions for both businesses and influencers.  

“We absolutely have our sights set on the international market. Once our scalable technological solutions are up and running, only the sky is the limit for us.”