Quja is an open layout startup space located on the Nokia Campus.

Nokia's new means of collaboration

On September 2nd 2013 a saga came to an end. Microsoft announced it would buy the entire device business from Nokia. Many viewers thought this was the end of the connected device business in Espoo.

But what happened to Nokia after the sale of the devices it was so well-known for? Like so many things in Espoo, it reinvented itself. 

Today, Nokia is leading industry efforts to develop the advanced mobile broadband technology known as 5G, which will provide consumers with enhanced connectivity, and technologies such as the Internet of Things. These will, as they like to say at Nokia, enable a programmable world where people and things will be connected, and enable the creation of new services that make life easier for all of us.

Opening the doors from startups to school kids

“Sometimes the best things happen a little unintentionally. My supervisor had met with Tuula Antola, Director of Economic and Business Development at City of Espoo, and together they were convinced that we must meet and bring together our innovative minds. The instant we met with Tuula, we hit it off and brainstormed a whole lot of ideas how Nokia could partnership with the City of Espoo,” tells Senior Manager Johanna Ihalainen from Nokia.

“Just like in the startup scene, only some of the initial ideas actually flew, but they have been a big success.”

In just a couple of months, Nokia and the City of Espoo had set up two initiatives together. 

“Nokia wants to encourage partnering with startup companies to help develop and shape future technological developments. We created Quja, an open layout startup space located on the Nokia Campus, and invited early-stage entrepreneurs to base their operations there. Currently we have a few startups that have based their operations on Nokia Campus,” Ihalainen describes.

For startups, locating their business in an innovation hub such as Nokia Campus provides an opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain knowledge of tech trends and developments ongoing within Nokia.

The other initiative is Espoo Me & My City, an initiative in which all sixth-graders of Espoo are introduced to working life, entrepreneurship and society. Inside the imaginary city, there are many companies, including Nokia, where the children get to play different roles and learn how a company works. 

“The initiative implements the objectives of entrepreneurship education as set by the City of Espoo. For Nokia, it is another way of reorganizing Nokia Campus and collaborating with the City of Espoo and the surrounding society. The enthusiasm and energy that the sixth-graders bring with them is inspiring. The initiative has received positive feedback also from our own people, who have eagerly visited the village too,” Johanna Ihalainen says. 

The Me & My City doors have also been open for the sixth-graders from municipalities of Vihti, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Raasepori, Hyvinkää and Inkoo.

“I think these initiatives are a great example of cooperation bringing concrete results benefiting all parties,” Ihalainen concludes.

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