Story of a Vertical’s startup: FORCE is designing a wearable to take care of our loved ones

Once again, Vertical Accelerator received an enormous amount of applications for their Spring 2017 program. 260 applications from 53 different countries, to be exact. With the selected ten teams digital health will never be the same again!

Now, let us introduce one of the companies: FORCE. They have developed EMtracker, which is a wristband stress tracker for seniors. It helps them to live active and independent life with continuously monitoring health and stress condition. The automatic emergency alert provides caregivers with calmness and wearers with freedom and security. EMtracker is not just a tracker, but also an integrated EMservice for customers, EMclub - a platform for communication between lonely older adults and students, who are interested in practicing with native speakers. All of this is driven by FORCE team and the creative department called “the Center for Research and Development of Innovations.”

Actually, at first, the founders of Force didn’t plan to set up a company. Instead, they had an idea of bringing people together.

“We started to work on the bare enthusiasm, hoping that the result of our scientific research and our developments would become useful to as many people as possible everywhere in the world. It was important for us to understand who is behind our product, and why we invest in the development of this device our passion, energy, and efforts. Behind these things are years of work and creativity in its pure form for the sake of creating a new, special and unique product. The product that will help to unite generations”, explains Igor Klymonchuk, co-founder and COO of Force.

The team had shortlisted health tech accelerators and found Vertical accelerator being the best accelerator for them.

“The mentors have great experience in creating wearables, and the Finnish health tech industry is one of the most opened to develop in it. EMtracker is a wearable technology of caring for our loved ones, so it seemed we were meant for each other.”

Naturally, the team has expectations for the program. Klymonchuk says they came to Vertical to finalize their product and development strategy with the support of top 200 specialists with the experience in health tech. With the help of the newly gained connections, they’re going to start testing their devices in numerous pilot projects on a real healthcare market.

The near future of Force looks clear: they will be releasing the first mass batch of devices, and keeping the company growing.

“Now Force is engaged in designing of product’s packaging, which will correspond to the corporate style, and negotiate with logistics companies. Also, we are planning several other large-scale projects. We will narrate about them later”, Klymonchuk reveals.