Espoo Innovation Garden startup hotspots - A Grid

Startup hotspots

Design Factory

Design Factory aka Defa, born in 2008, it is a prototype, an active, interdisciplinary place for product development. Step in to view some of the newest and most creative technical and scientific experiments by the students of the Aalto University. The continuously evolving space gives the opportunity for both students and university employees to co-create, prototype and learn by doing. For a visitor, Defa is a great and enchanting opportunity to view the future that is being built in the Aalto-university in a miniature form.

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Urban Mill

The eager Millers of the Urban Mill are in perpetual motion. This innovative community born to the former bridge engineers test-hall is an excellent example of the Finnish concept of operation. Urban Mill is the home base for several development projects. It is a co-creation space where people can meet, learn and solve problems together. The rough, but colorful space is full of second-hand furniture and agile workspace solutions. The existence of Urban Mill is based on synergies, prototyping and doing things together. The rooms and tools can be rented by companies, students, researchers, residents, organizations - anyone. One of the Millers most beloved slogans is “Demo or die!”

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A Grid

One of the largest startup hubs in all of Northern-Europe was founded in the beginning of 2018. It’s located in the old school of electrical engineering, the same place where Nokia once emerged from. The space is now renovated and fully equipped for an important purpose: to serve as a hub for startups that continue their growth. A Grid is a membership based co-working space as well as a gateway to university technology, know-how and student community. The address, Otakaari 5, houses startups, creative businesses, accelerators and services for companies. The unique hub for cooperation looks and feels inviting.

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Aalto Startup Center

Through agile doing and testing, Aalto Startup Center (ASUC) opens up the path to entrepreneurs, who have a scalable idea and strong will to succeed. In addition to modern facilities, ASUC offers consulting and development advice to entrepreneurs and expert services. The Startup Center's spirit is to help discover the undiscovered and to enable the leap to the great unknown – safely. Development of sustainable energy-solutions and the European Space Agengy’s Business Incubation Center (ESA BIC Finland) are among the newest operations in ASUC.Startups can apply via the ASUC webpage. The A Grid facilities are open for the public, however, if one wants to visit ASUC it is advisable to contact them up front. Listen also to the audio story on A Grid.

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