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The City of Espoo will open the Service Centre to bring together a variety of services in the extension of the Iso Omena Shopping Centre on 11 August 2016.

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One of a kind in the world

There will be something unique in Matinkylä: a Service Centre within a metro station.

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Iso Omena Shopping Centre has an ideal location

Watch a video of the biggest shopping centre in Finland

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Matinkylä in brief

Matinkylä is a versatile city centre in southern Espoo with a population of 20,000. It is one of the fastest growing areas in the metropolitan area ‒ the population of Matinkylä is estimated to reach 30,000 by 2050. Matinkylä offers a wide range of services and has excellent connections to Helsinki city centre and to other centres in Espoo.

Shopping centre Iso Omena is located in Matinkylä. As an integral part of the extended shopping centre, the new Matinkylä metro station will be opened in the beginning of 2017. The land development close to the metro centre will continue, and many new jobs will be created in the area.  

Matinkylä comprises a versatile landscape ranging from rocky seashores to the central park area with a beautiful landscape and offering a range of outdoors activities. The seashore beckons everyone from joggers to sunbathers and swimmers. The large island of Iso Vasikkasaari is a recreational area open for the public, reached by a boat connection from Nokkalanniemi. There are two guest marinas, which serve as starting points for boat trips to nearby islands and further on the Finnish Gulf.

Sport activities in Matinkylä include a versatile sports park with ice hockey, football, floorball, skateboarding and athletics. There are also many private gyms and sports clubs and activities like surfing and horse riding. Residents are also served by public services like the City library and the Matinkylä Health Centre.


Project Director Carl Slätis,, +358 43 824 6506



Matinkylä development

Based on the Matinkylä‒Olari development vision, the city centre shall be developed with a high density of housing, services and jobs. The centre area shall be surrounded by residential areas with lower density including recreational activities and parks. In the future, this city centre located between the sea and Espoo Central Park will feature even more private and public services, a larger range of leisure activities and improved traffic connections.

The first phase extension of Iso Omena shopping centre was opened in August 2016, and the second phase is planned for opening in Spring 2017.  The new West Metro line will be opened for traffic in the beginning of 2017, making Matinkylä a significant public transportation hub. Matinkylä will be the end station of the first stage of the West Metro, with an estimated 35,000 daily passengers. Integrated into the shopping centre and the metro station, the new indoor bus terminal will serve as a convenient transfer point to other parts of Espoo.

In August 2016, the City of Espoo opened a brand new citizen service centre on the second floor of the extension of  Iso Omena shopping centre. This service centre will make the everyday life of the residents really convenient, offering people the opportunity to versatile public services under one roof. The service centre has been really successful reaching over 100.000 visitors during the first month. There are elevator connections from the metro station, the bus terminal and the car parking.

Technology companies such as Outotec and EKE Rakennus Oy have chosen Matinkylä as the location for their new headquarters.  

Development will continue immediately to the west of the Metro Centre. By 2021, planned for completion are the new senior residential centre, the new Meri-Matti upper secondary school, the new public swimming pool and the hotel and residential housing block.

Most important development projects

Matinkylä centre: metro station and expansion of Iso Omena shopping centre

The metro station and the bus terminal are built in connection with the extension of Iso Omena shopping centre. The centre was opened in August 2016 and the metro station and bus terminal will be opened for traffic in the beginning of 2017. With the second extension planned for opening in Spring 2017, Iso Omena will become one of the top three shopping centres in Finland with some 200 stores and service providers and a gross leasable area of 100,000 sqm. In addition to interesting stores, the shopping centre will offer a wide range of entertainment services ‒ a multiplex cinema, more than 40 restaurants and 6000 square metres of public services (library, health centre etc.). There will be 3,000 parking places in the centre.

The location is also attractive for companies ‒ technology companies such as Outotec, Fortum, Hewlett Packard, Oracle Finland and EKE Rakennus Oy have chosen Matinkylä as the location for their premises.  

Developing the area west of the metro centre

Next to the metro centre, development will continue with the construction of a hotel, commercial services and high-quality residential housing. Construction is scheduled to 2017‒2010.

This area called Tynnyripuisto (Barrel Park) will also feature a new public swimming pool and the new Meri-Matti upper secondary school, both due for completion in 2021. In addition, there will be developed a nice park including sporting grounds and other activities.


Opposite the metro centre, there is also a site reserved for a new senior residential centre, with 140 senior citizen apartments and a broad selection of senior and home care services.

Within one kilometer west of the metro centre, on both sides of the street Suomenlahdentie, there will be planned some 100,000 sqm of residential housing, including experimental housing projects and complementary building projects, such as the ELMO multi-generation block (2018‒2020), Skanska's housing block in Pyyntitie (2016‒18) and Finnevik eco block with wooden apartment buildings and ecological building projects (2018‒2022).

Kuitinmäentie projects

North of the centre of Matinkylä, there will be complementary building projects on both sides of the Kuitinmäentie street. Old commercial plots and parking areas will be transformed into more efficient residential and commercial blocks.

Development of Olari centre

The most important development project in Olari is the renewal of the Kuunkatu area (2016‒2020). There will be new mainly residential buildings replacing the old office and service buildings.

Development of the old shopping centre in Matinkylä

The old shopping centre will be demolished and a new 16-floor residential building and some commercial premises will be built in its place. The estimated time of this project is 2017‒2020.

Commercial blocks on the west side of Piispansilta

A new area for commercial premises and offices is planned on the south side of The West Highway. The construction is planned to start beginning 2018‒19

Other development projects

  • Gräsantulli area (18 300 square metres of floor area (Hartela, YIT, Espoon Asunnot 2017‒2021)
  • Matinlahti  area (19 000 square metres of floor area, Westpro, 2015‒2018)


Success story: Iso Omena is growing with Matinkylä

Iso Omena in Matinkylä, Espoo, is currently undergoing a massive redevelopment scheme that will increase the size of the shopping centre to approximately 100,000 sqm of leasable space. Iso Omena is located right on top of the terminus of the first phase of the western metro line. The metro station will have a direct indoor access to the feeder bus terminal and the shopping centre.

The first phase of the Iso Omena extension was opened in August 2016 and the second phase is scheduled to open in Spring 2017. Citycon Oyj, the owner of the shopping centre, is investing a total of approximately EUR 250 million in the extensions.

“Iso Omena is a popular shopping centre that already has around 9 million annual customers. Matinkylä and its neighbouring areas will grow rapidly thanks to the metro extension, which will secure the foundation of Citycon’s additional investment. The metro will stabilise the urban structure and bring new jobs and residents in the area—and new customers for us,” says Sanna Yliniemi, Commercial Director at Citycon.

After the extension, Iso Omena will be home to over 200 different shops and services, including a unique restaurant world, the largest cinema in Espoo, superior grocery stores and a large variety of specialty shops. What makes the shopping centre unique is the service centre of the City of Espoo, housing several public services on the second floor of the shopping centre.

“The metro will strengthen Matinkylä’s position as the centre of southern Espoo. It is great to see that Iso Omena can grow with the area.”

Sanna Yliniemi, Commercial Director at Citycon

The most fabulous shopping centre for the most fabulous customers