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Espoo Ambassador Programme

Awarding the Ambassador of the year

Visit Espoo with the City of Espoo annually chooses and awards the Ambassador of the year. The selected person is an active member in international scientific associations representing one's university and the Finnish scientific expertise and research work. Espoo Ambassador actively participates in international congresses in their field and arranges these in Espoo. At the same time, Espoo Ambassador encourages other scientists to active work in international associations and at their congresses. Ambassador also disseminates information on how the city of Espoo can support and assist scientists and researchers in inviting and organising international congresses.

The Ambassador's selection criteria include a person's activity in international research efforts and their respective scientific associations. Another critical factor is how active the person is as a congress inviter and organiser and how notable the congresses are internationally. The selected person represents the top of their research field in Finland.

The prize is announced at the annual Espoo Ambassador lunch, hosted by the Mayor of Espoo and Aalto University. Guests at the award event are representatives from scientific institutions.

The purpose of naming Espoo Ambassadors is to highlight the importance of international scientific congresses for the host city, the represented institute, and the researcher. In connection with the award ceremony, participants are encouraged to invite congresses from their fields to Espoo and Finland. Visit Espoo team also points out how their congress unit, the City of Espoo, and the Aalto University can support and help scientists invite and organise international congresses.

Visit Espoo has been awarded Ambassador of the year since 2009. In 2020-2021, due to the exceptional situation caused by the COVIS-19 Epidemic, the traditional Espoo Ambassador event was not held and the Ambassador of the Year was not selected.

Selected Espoo Ambassadors

Read introductions of all previously awarded Ambassadors here

Become an Espoo Ambassador

If you have expertise in a specialist field and are considering bringing a conference to Espoo, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you answered one of these questions, we would happily meet you in person and talk more. 

The EspooAmbassador Programme provides opportunities to share experiences with like-minded people, build new contacts and learn more about what Espoo has to offer as a conference destination. Being an Espoo Ambassador also allows you to showcase Espoo's capital as a modern, dynamic city with world-leading excellence centres that continue developing new fields of expertise and groundbreaking research.

Our network of Espoo Ambassadors continues to grow each year, and you will surely be in good company!

If you wish to have more information, please get in touch with Visit Espoo Congress Team.

Hosting a conference is rewarding

An international conference in your local area creates opportunities for your industry sector to gain world recognition and a platform to profile your institution.

Inviting an association meeting is also an excellent opportunity for you. As the catalyst in securing your associations' conference, you will gain recognition and achieve long-term benefits such as:

Visit Espoo offer objective assistance free of charge

Visit Espoo is a subsidiary of Espoo City, and our main task is to promote Espoo as a potential destination for future international congresses, meetings, and events. Our team is dedicated to helping you bid for your conference and is available through the whole process of organising the event.

All Visit Espoo's convention services are free of charge and impartial. Our consultation services include:

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