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 All you need to know for your trip to Espoo

Welcome to Espoo - the city of experiences and innovations. Espoo is a great combination of nature and culture scene. You can experience everything from the archipelago to the national park and from Espoo's lakes to wonderful cultural sites. Learn more about Espoo's sights and services.

Panorama of the coast of Keilaniemi pictured from the sea towards the coast. Buildings are visible also as reflections in the calm sea.


Travel restrictions

Are you planning to visit Espoo, but aren't sure about current travel restrictions and recommendations? Find current information for travelers arriving to Espoo, Finland.


A picture taken at a calm lake in Nuuksio. There is watergrass in the front and a line of evergreen trees on the other side of the lake. On the right there is a deck with a person sitting at the end of it looking into the lake.



Road, sea or air? Whatever path you choose while entering Espoo or moving around! Our guide on transportation and connections provides you with all information and links that you may need. You can move from one place to another through the vast bus connections. If you're starting your journey from the capital Helsinki, simply take a train through Leppävaara all the way to Kauklahti, or enjoy the quick and easy metro west from Helsinki to Matinkylä or any other of the 6 metro stations in Espoo. All of them packed with services!

Espoo is made for cyclists and the Espoo Waterfront Walkway gets you from sight to sight in no time! In the summer time you can also get to know the archipelago by taking a scheduled ferry or renting your own boat to explore the islands.


Green and blue world map that has flight connections marked onto it in red from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to destinations in Europe and other continents.


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Picture from Espoo archipelago. On the left there is an archipelago ferry full of people, and with a Finnish flag in the back. Another boat is visible further away at sea. The silhouettes of islands can be seen in the horizon against a clear sky.