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Espoo nature trails


There is a total of 26 nature trails in Espoo, of which the city maintains nine. These city-maintained trails are located in various parts of Espoo, and give a great overall picture of the versatility and richness of local nature.

All the trails can be completed wearing normal outdoor shoes; if there is no rain, there is no need for rubber boots. Wetter spots are covered with duckboards and steeper cliffs are fitted with steps. The city-maintained trails are waymarked, and the routes are indicated with either green tape or yellow paint. Many trails have a bird watching tower for observing aquatic birds. There are also provided guided nature tours to most of the nature trails.  

Espoo City nature trails (see for more information on each nature trail):

  • Finnoo nature trail
  • Hanikka nature trail
  • Tikankierros trail in Central Park
  • Laajalahti trail
  • Villa Elfvik nature trail
  • Oittaa nature trail
  • Sorlampi nature trail
  • Tremanskärr nature trail
  • Träskänd nature trail

Other nature trails:

  • Glimsinjoki river bank trail
  • Hannusmetsä nature trail
  • Luukkaa nature trail
  • Nahkiaispolku