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The pond Haukkalampi is located in the eastern part of the Nuuksio National Park.

The pond Haukkalampi is located in the eastern part of the Nuuksio National Park. At Haukkalampi, there is a nature cabin, which contains brochures and information on the National Park. Natura Viva offers rental services for fatbikes, paddle boards, kayaks, and snowshoes. From Cafe Silva you can get refreshing treats after your hike.

There are four trails of different lengths starting from the nature cabin, all of them marked. The shortest one is a two-kilometre nature trail, and the longest is an eight-kilometer long trail called Korpinkierros. The most popular trail for a day's hike is Haukankierros; four kilometres of varying terrain going round the Haukkalampi pond. There are also four camping sites which are maintained, cooking shelters with firewood, and toilets. After a nice hike on the beautiful trails of the park, it’s really nice to relax the Finnish way in the hot sauna. From the sauna, you can also take a refreshing swim in Lake Haukkalampi, if you dare.

Transport connections: buses 245 and 245A from Espoon keskus. The bus stop is situated at the intersection of Haukkalampi, from where there is about a two-kilometre walk to the nature cabin.

Haukankierros Trail

The challenging route is characterized by ravines and old-growth forests. Along the route, there are beautiful views over Myllypuro valley. Natura Viva´s recreational center Hawk Nest as starting and ending points with the water post and outhouse, camping site, and cooking shelter at Lake Mustalampi is also along the trail. This circle trail is marked in blue color. No winter maintenance.

Korpinkierros Trail

This circle trail offers a diverse natural environment with herb-rich forests, ponds, and cliffs for the hikers. There are two alternative starting points Haukkalampi and Siikaniemi. When starting from Haukkalampi, Hawk Nest, the length of the trail is 7,2 km. The trail passes both Mustalampi pond and Holma-Saarijärvi lake where you can find campfire sites and camping areas where you can stop, eat snacks and take a break. If starting the trail from Siikaniemi district, the Kolmoislampi camping site with reservable camping grounds will be encountered. A Water post and outhouse, as well as cafeteria and gear rental services, are available at Hawk Nest in Haukkalampi. This is a challenging route, marked with yellow color. 


The trail starts from Natura Viva´s recreational center Hawk Nest in Haukkalampi where you find a water post and outhouse as well as cafeteria and gear rental services. No other services along the trail. This short circle trail is challenging because of tricky segments and hilly regions and is suitable for experienced hikers only. Along this trail, you can observe forest restoration and nature preservation and of course - enjoy the sounds and the beauty of Finnish nature. The trail is marked with brown and white pinecone symbols. No winter maintenance.

Punarinnankierros Trail

This circle trail starts from Natura Viva´s recreational center Hawk Nest which features a water post, outhouse, cafeteria, and gear rental services. The trail is perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts, especially for beginners. Along the trail, you can admire beautiful forest and pond scenery. The most spectacular scenery along the trail is floating turf rafts on the Mustalampi pond. You can take a break by the Mustalampi campfire site or even stay over a night in its camping area. The trail is marked with red color. No winter maintenance.

Haltia – Haukkalampi Connecting Trail 

When starting from the Finnish Nature Center Haltia, Connecting Trail runs from Päivättärenpolku Trail to Haukkalampi in the heart of Nuuksio National Park. The trail is perfect for experienced hikers who want to challenge themselves. The trail includes challenging uphills and downhills but in the steepest part, there are stairs. Along the trail hikers have a possibility to enjoy the beautiful scenery to the Nuuksio´s largest lake, Lake PitkäjärviThere’s a campfire and picnic site on the northern shore of lake Pitkäjärvi. Take a break before heading on to the forest. The route is marked with orange with black stripes. If you start the trail from Haukkalampi, it starts from the main entrance, next to Natura Viva´s Hawk Nest where you find a cafeteria, gear rental services, a water post, and an outhouse. At the Finnish Nature Center Haltia, you can make a visit to their exhibitions, have lunch in the restaurant and have a blissful break. There are also WC facilities at Haltia. The trail is for experienced hikers as there are steep uphills and downhills along the way. 

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