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Ninjosanto Nature Guided Tours


Ninjosanto has a simple mission: help people reconnect with nature. Ninjosanto offers daily adventures for individuals and groups.

Ninjosanto comes from the Spanish word "Niño Santo", which means "holy child" in Finnish. Mexican healers mean mushrooms with that. Ninjosanto's Tuomas Lilleberg has spent his free moments in the middle of nature since childhood. As an adult, he still feels his inner "holy child" out in nature! Tuomas Lilleberg is a professional in the environmental field, he adventures and admires nature around him. He has knowledge so that he can bring nature back to people's lives. In his work, he combines his know-how as an environmental biologist and as a biologist / geographer, and above all he cares for his love of nature. Tuomas is a nature guide who will take you to the natural wonder. Ninjosanto Nature Guided Tours operates in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and offer a wealth of nature-inspired nature experiences. The tours are for example, mushroom and wild herb tours, nature walks and archipelago adventures. As a qualified teacher, Tuomas also leads lectures and courses from different nature themes. You can also find Ninjosanto or Tuomas giving courses in different community colleges in the Helsinki metropolitan area. "Go on a trip!" is the motto of Tuomas and you'll experience it with him even in class!