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Lake Bodom

Pirttimäki Recreation Area

Pirttimäki recreation area offers a great setting for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

Pirttimäki is an excellent starting point for hiking during the summer and skiing during the winter. The beautiful landscape was shaped by the last Ice Age. The area is very diverse and impressive with steep cliffs, erratic boulders, scenic lakes and ponds, lush bogs, and mires. The special sightseeing is a 1.8-hectare walnut grove in the area.  

Pirttimäki is an excellent place also for longer hiking trips for example to Nuuksio National Park and Luukki Outdoor Area. Pirttimäki Recreation Area has 20 kilometers marked routes. The time goes past fast while exploring numerous small paths in the area. Outdoor trails are suitable for mountain biking.

Fishing is possible in Pikku-Sorlampi, Malmilampi, Sulalampi, part  of Lajalampi and Hynkänlampi. 

If you arrive by car, there is a parking lot near the main building. There is also an information board where you can plan your routes. After spending a day outside you can enjoy delicious food and drink in the Pirttimäki Café Ukén which is located in the main building. Toilets are located in Sorlampi, Hynkänlampi and Sulalampi. In the area there are four cooking shelters, fires are not allowed elsewhere. For the children there is playground. In the ball fields near the main building, you can play badminton, volleyball, and football.