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Otaniemi - Keilaniemi

Smartvillage @ HTC Waterfront

Smartvillage is a multifunctional event house, offering an inspiring environment and solid service for all kinds of events.

The 500 m² space in Keilaniemi allows for a relaxed atmosphere and a flexible approach to workshops, dev sprints and project kick-offs.

Let us know how you want your event to look like, and we’ll choose the best room or combination of rooms, adjusting the ambiance according to your needs.

Fresh breakfast boost? A bubbly drink at just the right moment? A relaxed atmosphere during breaks? Adaptive facilities and responsive staff? No problem.

8 unique workshop spaces

  • Island in seminar format for 80 people
  • Beach House for 14 person meetings or 20 person workshops
  • Lapland Lounge in seminar format for 20 people
  • Hunting Lodge for 20 people
  • Lighthouse - a spacious and open space when you need to spread out and give room for thought (12-40 people)
  • North Village: perfect for agile workshops up to 50 people
  • South Village: The 250 m² bright event and seminar room is ideal for events of up to 100 people
  • Full Smartvillage - All spaces at your disposal