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Banqueting Venues

Venue for 50-70 people

Welcome to Stenhalla!

The venue Stenhalla is suitable for celebrations or meetings for up to 50-70 persons.

Stenhalla is located near the southern end of Nuuksion Pitkäjärvi. There is a great view of the fields below.

The main room is about 70 m2, excluding the stage. The kitchen and foyer are about 40m2. There are 20 tables      (130 cm x 90 cm) and more than enough chairs. There are glasses, plates, cutlery and coffee cups for more than 70 people. The kitchen has standard equipment except for a dishwasher.

The guests bring their own food and drink.

You can also reach Stenhalla by bus; the nearest bus stop is 300m away.

Contact Information

02820 Espoo
+358 50 5482830