Kirkkonummi provides culture and nature for the adventure traveller. Kirkkonummi is genuinely nearby - only half an hour from Helsinki and the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The landmark of central Kirkkonummi is the medieval Saint Michael’s Church, while the Hvitträsk museum in Luoma is a favourite among travellers. Kirkkonummi’s nature will charm you with its diversity. By the sea in the south lies the Porkkala peninsula with its islands and unique wreck park, near the centre lies the Meiko Nature Reserve. In northern Kirkkonummi travellers find rugged lakes and coniferous forests and the southern part of the Nuuksio National Park.  

Good to know:

Kirkkonummi is Finland’s second largest municipality with an area of more than 1,017 square kilometres. Kirkkonummi’s inhabitants number around 40,000, of which 16.5 percent are Swedish speaking. Kirkkonummi is officially a bilingual municipality (Finnish - Swedish) and very international with speakers of 45 different languages living here. In Kirkkonummi you will find green countryside and idyllic villages with manors, a maritime archipelago and enchanting lakes (approximately 61).

Whispers of history:

Kirkkonummi’s fascinating history stretches back all the way to the Stone Age. In 1911, the famous composer Jean Sibelius found a cave painting on the shore of Hvitträsk - the first in Finland. The paintings are estimated to be 5,000 or 7,000 years old.

An ice chisel found in Kauhala also tells of ancient settlement. The chisel, which was used for breaking ice, is thought to be from around 6500 B.C.

The Porkkala Parenthesis and the longest tunnel in the world:

Traces of war can also be seen in Kirkkonummi. In 1944 after the Continuation War, the Soviet Union forced Finland to lease a large part of southern Kirkkonummi to it for a period of 50 years. The locals had 10 days' time to evacuate the area and say goodbye to their homes.

Although the area of Porkkala was under Soviet control, Finns could still use the railway that passed through it. When a train reached the border, shutters were lowed to cover the windows so that its passengers could not see out. It was a standing joke that during that time Kirkkonummi had the world’s longest tunnel. 

Porkkala was returned to the Finns already in 1956 and the locals were able to return to their homesteads. Many buildings had been destroyed and many had been used for completely different purposes than what they had been built for. During the Parenthesis, Kirkkonummi’s church was for example used as both a cinema and a horse stable.

Are you interested in learning more about the time of the Parenthesis? Guided tours of the area are arranged. The Igor museum, which is located in Degerby is also well worth a visit.


There is plenty to see in Kirkkonummi! Make a stop at the Hvitträsk museum, designed by architects Eliel Saarinen, Herman Gesellius and Armas Lindgren to be their home and studio. Hvitträsk, built in national-revival style, with its gardens and surrounding nature makes for an unforgettable visit. The experience is crowned with delicious local food in Hvitträsk’s pleasant restaurant.

You can also learn more about Kirkkonummi’s history at the Ragvalds farm museum and Alisgården museum of local history and culture. Kirkkonummi’s churches and estates are in a class of their own. Start with the medieval stone church of Saint Micheal or Haapajärvi’s wooden church. If you are looking for manor romance in summer head for Wohls Gård manor house for lunch or the nature trails on the grounds of the Eerikinkartano estate.

Out into nature:

What is the best thing about Kirkkonummi? The best thing is definitely its nature! Sea and archipelago, green fields and blue lakes, stately coniferous forests with high rocks and much more.

Local buses take travellers south to the Porkkala peninsula where newly marked nature trails and spectacular sea views await them. Along Porkkalanniementie, the road to Porkkala, you can also make a short stop and visit the picturesque Högberget cave. It is only a fifteen-minute drive from the centre of Kirkkonummi to the nature trails of the Meiko outdoor recreation area and beautiful lake Meiko. Try the Pähkinäpolku trail in northern Kirkkonummi, or find a quiet trail from Veikkola into Nuuksio national park. 

More information?

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